10 Great Nurse Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Leave Them Smiling

Lilianna Parker

10 Great Nurse Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Leave Them Smiling

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Buying gifts can be a stressful and tricky process, especially when you don’t know the person you are buying a gift for too well. This is why we have compiled a list of gift ideas that are tailored to nurses and nursing students specifically. These gifts are great for nurses of all ages and specialties, and they are sure to make nursing school graduations, birthdays, the holidays, and all other gift giving occasions much easier for you. From coffee mugs to compression socks, here are 10 great nurse gift ideas that are sure to leave them smiling. 

1. Compression Socks 

Nurses are typically on their feet for their entire shift, which can cause pain and swelling due to poor circulation. Compression socks help with improving circulation and making those 12 hour shifts more bearable. This is great for any nurse, because everyone could always use a new pair of socks. You can also order custom compression socks to make this gift extra special. 

2. Hand cream or Lotion 

Like poor circulation, long shifts can cause dry skin due to a lack of moisturization. Hand creams and lotions are a great way to remind the nurse you have in mind to take care of themselves. As an added bonus, many scents are also calming agents. Just make sure that they don’t have sensitive skin before you make any purchases. 

3. Badge Reel 

Nurses don’t often get to express themselves through their scrubs at work, especially if their workplace has strict dress codes. However, a personalized badge reel will give a splash of color to their scrubs Etsy is a great website for ordering personalized products. You can also visit sites like Pinterest for inspiration if you are interested in creating this gift yourself too. 

4. Stethoscope ID Tag 

Like a badge reel, a personalized stethoscope ID tag can allow for nurses to express themselves. More importantly though, it can help with distinguishing stethoscopes. This can be an annoying part of work life in the medical field. As an added benefit to this gift, this is another safe option for all nurses that you know.  As mentioned, you can find these personalized items on sites like Etsy, and you can look on Pinterest for inspiration if you want to make this yourself. 

5. New Stethoscope 

This is a great gift for a new nurse that has just completed nursing school. All nurses need stethoscopes. There are also stethoscopes available in fun colors for nurses who are already equipped with one. 

6. Travel Mug 

Coffee is an essential part to most nurses’ lives, and they are typically always on the move. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with giving a nurse a travel coffee mug as a gift. This is great because it is functional, can be used everyday, and can be personalized for the gift receiver. It is also a great gift idea for nursing students!

7. Fun New Coffee Mug 

If you don’t think that a travel mug is necessary then you could also go for a basic mug. These can also be personalized and are great for both nurses and nursing students. You have the option to order this custom or go to a store with a wide selection. 

8. Wine Glasses 

This is a great idea for nurses who enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long work day. These can also be personalized for the nurse in mind. Many stores also have a large selection of fun wine glasses available. It is important that they recognize the difference between average work stress and burnout, however. We have a great article that explains the signs of burnout that can be found here.  

9. New Pens 

This is another great gift for both nurses and nursing students. Nursing students take a lot of notes, and many people like to color code these as well. For these people colored pens are a great option, because frequent note taking can dry pens out pretty quickly. This is also a great option for nurses that do a lot of paperwork or hand written charting. 

10.  School Supplies (nursing Students) 

As mentioned before, nurses take a lot of notes. They also do a lot of highlighting. For this reason, it is not uncommon for nurses to be running out of school supplies all the time. School supplies can be a great gift or gesture for nursing students. If you are a nursing student yourself then you may be interested in our article about helpful study tips.