How You Can Reduce Burnout

Lilianna Parker

How You Can Reduce Burnout

reduce burnout

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Experiencing burnout can be tough, especially when you are working a high stress job. Feeling burned out is not a topic that many people enjoy talking about. However, that does not mean burnout isn’t a common occurrence. Luckily, making some changes to improve your work life does not necessarily mean that you need to quit being a nurse altogether. In fact, that is far from the truth. Here are some ways that you can reduce burnout as a nurse. 

Recognize and Acknowledge Your Feelings

The key to good mental health is recognizing and acknowledging how you feel. In this case, it is extremely helpful to know the signs of burnout. If you are unhappy with something having to do with your work or work environment, then it is important that you recognize what is bothering you and acknowledge that it is ok to feel that way. Pushing it out of your mind is not going to fix the problem, and doing this will likely make you feel worse. 

If the problem you are facing is simple and can be easily resolved by a boss or a co-worker, then it is important to speak up about the issue. This will improve your work environment for you and most likely your co-workers as well. 

Similarly, if you feel as if you need to make a change such as switching specialties or changing your workplace then you should go for it! People who make these kinds of changes are usually glad that they did. After all, your work environment and work performance will most likely improve, and you will feel more fulfilled when altogether. 

Switch to a Different Position 

It is very common to discover that a position that you thought you would like in the nursing field is actually not what you  expected it to be. As a result, nurses get burned out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are burned out on nursing as a whole. It is important to know that it is completely normal and reasonable to change specialties if you discover that a position is not a good fit. In fact, you may find a specialty that you end up loving as a result. 

Switch to a Different Workplace 

Unfortunately, sometimes workplace conflict can occur. Clashing personalities with bosses or co-workers, differing ideologies, and sometimes just a stressful work environment can make anyone uncomfortable during their shift. Although it can be tough, sometimes moving workplaces is what people need to do to reduce burnout in their career. 

Allow Some Time for Yourself 

Allowing yourself some time for yourself can seem difficult. However, it is crucial for maintaining a good personal and work life balance. Maintaining this balance tends to reduce stress and improve mental health. As a result, picking up a hobby or even just allowing yourself some time to watch TV guilt free might be just what you need to reduce feeling burned out at work. It is an excellent way to prevent burnout as well.

Have Post Shift Rituals 

Having post shift rituals is another great way to maintain a healthy work-home life balance. These work as a buffer to reset your mind after a stressful shift, which promotes relaxation after work. Your post shift ritual can be anything from listening to music on your way home from work to exercising after you get home. The choice is yours! You can also have one, two or several post shift rituals to get you into a good headspace after the work day. 

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We have all heard that living a healthy lifestyle generally makes people feel better as a whole. Eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and exercising are all extremely important. A healthy and balanced lifestyle has been proven to improve mental health and reduce stress in most individuals. Therefore, focusing on living a healthy lifestyle can also do wonders when it comes to reducing work burnout. 

Try Meditating 

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and promote mindful thinking. To put it simply, meditation is practicing breathing exercises for an extended amount of time in a calm and quiet area. This can help improve your work-home life balance by acting as a post shift ritual. In addition to this, you can combine it with exercise in the form of yoga and incorporate breathing exercises in your everyday life. In fact, practicing breathing exercises after a stressful event is a very healthy coping mechanism.