Nurse YouTubers You Should Watch In 2020

Lilianna Parker

Nurse YouTubers You Should Watch In 2020

nurse youtubers

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YouTube is one of many people’s favorite entertainment platforms. As a result, some nurses have combined their experiences with their filming and video editing skills. Whether you are looking for some advice or just an entertaining video to pass the time, this list will have something that you are sure to be interested in. All of these influencers’ channels are linked in their descriptions for you to check out.  Here are some nurse YouTubers you should watch in 2020

1. Nurse Blake 

Nurse Blake is a BSN nurse, and is the biggest nurse influencer on our list of nurse YouTubers that you should watch in 2020. He mostly uploads lighthearted and funny videos that are sure to get anyone working in healthcare through the day. His funny and relatable content can be found on his channel here.

2. Kaynen Brown 

Kaynen Brown has a YouTube channel that is fairly small, but don’t let that fool you. He has very good production quality. Most of his videos aim to provide advice to new nurses through his own stories as a new RN. This is a great choice if you are in nursing school, are thinking about nursing school, or are a new nurse yourself. 

3. HeyRona 

Although her last video is about 2 years old, HeyRona still has excellent content. Her channel is aimed toward nursing students. Her content includes study tips for the NCLEX, tips for nursing interviews, and even some advice for clinicals. 

4. Ashley Adkins 

Ashley Adkins is a great nursing YouTube channel to subscribe to if you are looking for someone who posts a variety of content. Morning routines, personal vlogs, and other casual content make a frequent appearance on her page. However, she has great videos providing tips on how to do specific nurse job necessities as well. This includes things like how to read EKGs, 

5. EmpoweRN

This channel is mostly directed towards nursing students. EmpoeRN mostly contains content like study tips for the NCLEX, videos about various anatomy topics, and tips for new nurses. Although nursing students and new nurses are EmpoweRN’s main demographic, this would be a great YouTube channel to follow even if you have been a nurse for a while. Learning never stops, especially when you work in the medical field. 

6. RegisteredNurseRN

This channel has similar content to EmpoweRN. The content is mostly driven to new nurses and nursing students with educational videos, study tips, and tips for new nurses. However, you do not necessarily need to be new to the field to enjoy RegisteredNurseRN’s channel. She uploads some personal vlogs as well. 

7. Miki Rai 

Miki Rai is an RN that posts casual vlogs and other content that everyone can enjoy. Personal vlogs, stories from her working as a nurse, and daily routines are great for those who are thinking about becoming a nurse. It is also great for nurses who are looking for content that they can relate to. 

8. The Nurse Nook 

This YouTube channel has nurse daily routines and vlogs like many of the others on our list. However, The Nurse Nook is unique in that it also has videos explaining things that all people considering nursing should know before going to school or entering the medical field. If you have any questions about the nursing field, you will likely find your answers here. 

9. Mercy Gono BSN, RN 

Mercy Gono has many videos about nursing where she answers questions, shares her opinion, and gives valuable tips for new nurses. She also has beauty tip videos, personal vlogs, and other content outside of nursing that is definitely worth your time. Whether you are looking for advice as a new nurse or nursing student, are contemplating becoming a nurse, or are just looking for something entertaining to watch you should check out Mercy Gono’s YouTube channel. 

10. Amber Good 

Nurse day in the life videos, tips for self care and preventing burnout, and advice for new nurses and nursing students can all be found on Amber Good’s YouTube channel. She also posts videos providing workout tips and showcasing her workout routine. This is another great outlet for nurses, or nurses in the making, to get some of their questions answered. 

11. Life Of A Psych NP 

Calling himself the psych dude, this psychiatric nurse practitioner uploads videos mostly centered around nursing career advice. Videos about how to pick your nursing specialty, the pros and cons of becoming a NP, and day in the life vlogs can all be found here for nurses or students with nursing career questions. 

12. Mizzvaine 

The second nurse practitioner and the final influencer on our list of nurse YouTubers you should watch in 2020 is Mizzvaine. Like many of the other YouTubers on this list, Mizzvaine posts vlogs, day in the life videos, content that gives career advice, and tips for nurses. This is another great YouTube channel to check out if you are considering becoming an NP.