Symptoms of Burnout: Signs You Need to Make a Change

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Symptoms of Burnout: Signs You Need to Make a Change

Are you starting to feel underappreciated and overworked? You may be experiencing nursing burnout. Here are some signs of burnout that you should look out for.

You Seem to be Getting Sick More Often

Everyone gets sick now and then, but if you find yourself taking more sick days than usual it may be a sign that you are under too much stress.

Your Not Sleeping Well

With an increased amount of stress and anxiety, developing sleeping problems like insomnia is not uncommon. Unfortunately, not being well rested makes you feel worse, which only fuels your irritability.

You are Always Tired

This goes along with not getting a full night’s sleep. If you never feel rested that is a pretty good sign that you need a change.

You’re Anxious

If you are experiencing new found anxiety, or if your existing anxiety is getting worse, it’s a sign that you need to make life changes.

You Have Little Patience

All of this stress and anxiety may make you feel as if you are developing a short fuse. If this happens it may help to remember why you wanted to enter the nursing field. Most people become nurses because they want to help people. You should focus on feeling fulfilled with your work again

If you are experiencing symptoms of burnout don’t worry. There are several different ways to help. Maybe all you need to do is improve your self care and start up a hobby, or perhaps you need to change your work environment. Either way, you definitely are not destined to feel this way forever.

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