How to Relieve Pain In 10 minutes! Stretches for nurses!

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We all know the struggle. As a nurse you are used to standing and walking around for 12 hours a day, and sometimes more. Not to mention, running may or may not be in the cards for you on any given work day. All of this stress on your feet often has us reaching for those compression socks, but what if I told you that there is another easy way to relieve the pain in your soles and legs after a long work day? 

The answer is stretching. Yes I know, it seems a little bit crazy. Although we typically only think about doing stretches when we exercise, stretching after work can be great for those who spend the majority of their day on their feet. The best part about this is that these stretches can be anything you want. Here are some specific stretches to relieve any aches that you have in your legs, back, and shoulders below. This is how you can relieve pain in 10 minutes! 

Stretch 1: The Standing Back Bend 

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This stretch is great for stretching out and relieving pain in the lower back. You can do this stretch by first standing up straight with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Next put the palms of your hands on the small of your back and slowly lean backwards. And there you have it! You can do this for as long and as often as you want. 

Stretch 2: The Ankle Cross Chair Stretch 

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This stretch works to relieve neck and upper back pain. The first step in this process is to sit in a chair with good back support. Next, you cross one of your legs over the other. (Your other leg should be positioned in your normal sitting position.) The final step is to hold onto your knee with both hands and slowly bring your chin forward. You can bring your chin to your knee all the way if you can’t, but if you can’t don’t worry. Just do the best you can! 

Stretch 3: The Seated Folding Stretch 

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This stretch also helps with upper back and neck pain. Similar to the previous stretch, the first step is to find a chair with good back support. You should sit down with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Next you slowly bend over as far as you can with your arms above your head. 

Stretch 4: The Lying Floor Stretch 

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You can do this stretch to help relieve neck and shoulder pain. You do this stretch by lying on the floor, bending your knees, and lifting your legs off the ground. Next you stretch one of your arms above your head and the other vertical to the ground. 

Stretch 5: The Arm Stretch (Sitting or Standing) 

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Like the above stretch, this stretch also works on stretching out the neck and shoulders. The first step to doing this stretch is standing or sitting upright with your feet secured onto the ground. The next step is to point your arm to the opposite side of your body as straight as you can. Then you wrap the other arm around it. (Your elbow should be pointed towards the ground.) For the best results, do the same process for both arms. 

Stretch 6: The Chin to Chest Stretch (Sitting or Standing) 

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This stretch mostly prevents neck and shoulder pain, but it can be used to relieve pain in these areas. It is great if you are trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle as well. You can do this stretch against the wall or freestanding. In addition, it can also be done in both a standing or sitting position. It works by moving the head slowly from a chin to chest position to back into a position where the back of your head is touching your shoulders. 

Stretching is a great option if you are looking for ways on how to relieve pain in 10 minutes.  It is completely understandable that after a long work day you do not want to sit and do an hour long exercise routine to loosen up. Luckily, stretching can take as much time as you want. Who could argue with such a quick and easy way to feel better? Your legs, feet, and beck will surely thank you for it!