Why You Should Consider Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

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Why You Should Consider Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

Have you been thinking about going back to nursing school lately? Being a RN is great, but you do not need to stop there if you don’t want to. Here are three reasons why you should consider becoming a nurse practitioner. 

Personal Growth  

Graduating from nurse practitioner school is a huge accomplishment. There are not many people who go for a doctorate, let alone a doctorate in nursing. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s hard work that definitely pays off. With a lack of nurse practitioners in the United States, chances are you will be able to get your dream job in your studied specialty. Not to mention, you also get paid a lot more.

More Responsibility  

Nurse practitioners can do many of the same things that those with traditional medical degrees can do. (besides surgery of course) However, this adds a lot of responsibility. As a nurse practitioner you are able to make an official diagnosis and prescribe medication. If this idea is exciting to you, then becoming a nurse practitioner might be your right career development. 

You Can open Your Own Private Practice 

Opening a private practice comes with a lot of benefits. Through running your own clinic you have the opportunity to make choices on your staff, equipment, and salary. You also get to make your own hours. If you don’t like the idea of working on the weekends, then you don’t have to. In addition to all of this, you get the chance to create the work environment that you want. Maybe a more laid back atmosphere with a close knit team is what the doctor ordered.  


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